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use your powers for good

Art for Change is a group of New Zealand artists who use their creativity to help bring about positive change in the world. 

We organise art exhibitions to raise money and awareness for social and humanitarian causes that need our help.


AFC005 Ali Exhibition DL.jpg

See Ali's beautiful calligraphy at depot artspace

We're very excited about Ali's second exhibition, To Be One at Heart, at Depot Artspace in Devonport. The works are touching and beautifully rendered in Ali's traditional master craftsman style, which Ali continues to develop, adding coloured inks, borders and flourishes.

Please make time to support Ali and his work – there really isn't anyone else doing anything like it in New Zealand. 

For more information read the article on Scoop here.

See Ali working and the catalogue from his first exhibition here

past exhibitions

Mary Ann Manchengo_Nourishing the Roots
Nourishing the Roots of Empathy
Group Show 2019
Pop Up Art Sale
The Reed Pen's Tale Exhibition 
Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary (Ali)
Where shall we call home?
Group Show 2017
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