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Art for Change is a group of New Zealand artists who use their creativity to help bring about positive change in the world.


Our first event was a fund-raising exhibition called Where Shall We Call Home? that was for the benefit of refugees settling in New Zealand.


It was held at Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland in 2017, and the funds raised were donated to the New Zealand Red Cross Resettlement Programme, and the Auckland Refugee Family Trust.


2019 Exhibition:
Nourishing the Roots of Empathy

A fundraising exhibition for the Roots of Empathy​ Program in New Zealand

WHERE: Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

WHEN:  21st September until 9th October

WHAT: Original artworks with the theme of love and empathy

Why is Empathy important?

Empathy helps dissolve the borders that separate us and allow us to deem one group or an individual to be less human. Empathy allows us to understand difference and recognise that our emotions are universal and connect us.

With so many stories in the media about family violence, abuse and bullying, people often feel powerless to bring about change. Through the exhibition, we intend to highlight the desperate need for positive input to help future generations develop empathy - to ‘place themselves in the shoes of the other’ - and so reduce the misunderstanding, prejudice and stereotyping that lead to anger and violence.

Art for Change will be asking for submissions in the near future. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for details.

past exhibitions

Where shall we call home?
Group Show
'The reed pen's tale'
Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary (Ali)
Pop Up Art Sale
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